District 10 President's Message


Dear PMEA District 10 Colleagues,

It is my pleasure and privilege to serve as President of PMEA District 10.  PMEA is your professional organization and here to serve you at all levels of music education.  As one of the strongest MEAs in the country, PMEA is more than just fests and festivals.  It is your place to go for professional development, advocacy, online and print resources, and professional networking.  Please be sure to take advantage of all that PMEA has to offer you and your students!

Thank you to all of our current fest and festival hosts, as well as our officers and members of our District 10 Executive Committee.  These colleagues have dedicated many hours to ensure that our district has numerous opportunities for both educators and students alike, as well as the smooth operation of our organization.

As we progress through this school year, I would like to encourage each of you to be involved with PMEA.  Host or co-host a fest or festival, accept a leadership role, attend a professional development event or conference, or present a session at a workshop. 

We are only as strong as our membership.  Being an active member of PMEA helps keep us all working together to keep music strong in all our schools with the goal of developing life-long producers and consumers of music.  Please do not hesitate to contact me or any member of the Executive Committee if you would like to host an event or become involved with our leadership.  

Jason Lerew

President, PMEA District 10