Attention All Festival Hosts


Plaque Orders: You need to order a plaque in advance of your festival or fest if you plan on presenting it on site. Plaque orders should contain all information, with correct spelling, that you would like to have appear on the plate. Orders are to be sent directly to Abigail Young at PMEA, Hamburg Office, either via phone, Fax, or email

Attention Festival Hosts and C/I Representatives: If you are planning to offer Act 48 hours for either clinics or guest conductor observation during festivals, please note that the PMEA Executive Office must receive your request for the hours AT LEAST 30 days in advance of the activity. The request must include a time schedule for the festival and the guest conductor's/clinician's biographies. At the conclusion of the event, your roster must be sent to the PMEA Executive Office within 30 days (preferably within 2 weeks) in order for the hours to be submitted to PDE. If you have any questions, please call Margaret Bauer at 888-919-7632, Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.

Festival Host Manual: Here is a guide that will help you plan your event. It includes important time lines and the necessary forms you will need. Click Here

Fest Host Guide: Here is a guide that will help you plan your Elementary or Intermediate Fest. Click Here