District Band Information
for the 2014-2015 school year


The 2014 District 10 Solo Audition list for December auditions is now available for everyone!  Please note that a reputable music retailer has assured us that all the titles and books are available and in print. If you do experience any trouble finding a solo, please notify Rick Hilborn. Thank you!


Auditions will be held at Parkland HS December 6, 2014


PMEA is working on creating Woofus in lieu of the All State Database template (which we currently use for December auditions - the excel spreadsheet).  The Woofus would start at the District level and actually generate directly from the music director and student at the computer instead of someone from your district having to “type” all of the information requested in the database as well as SOME hard copy material in the student folders. This information would also be used by all Hosts at the District and Region levels. The state is hoping this will alleviate some of the “every time filling out of forms” and again provide consistency and accuracy in the spelling of names, correct gender, correct email addresses,etc. This means the process we have used for the past several years of all directors filling out the excel spreadsheet MAY have to be changed for this fall - we will have to wait and see what the state says and does.  Therefore, directors SHOULD NOT complete any forms and/or information on the excel spreadsheet OR DO ANYTHING ELSE OTHERWISE until they are instructed to do so by our district president or our instrumental auditions chairperson.  Again, please be patient.


Rick Hilborn


Audition List

Ensemble Spreadsheet

Audition Rubric

Mallet Solo Rubric

Snare Solo Rubric

Tympani Solo Rubric

Wind Requirements

Percussion Requirements

String Requirements


Exeter High School
Date - January 7-10, 2015
Snow Audition Date - January 12, 2015
Host Director -
Micki Potlunas
Guest Conductor - Andy Yozviak, West Chester University


Region V Band Information

Auditions will be held at the District Band Festival


East Stroudsburg South High School

Date - February 11-14, 2015
Snow Audition Date - TBA
Host Director - Katye Clogg
Guest Conductor - Lew Buckley


State Band Information



Auditions will be held at the Region Band Festival

PMEA Conference
Hershey, PA
Date - March 25-28, 2015