District Band Information
for the 2014-2015 school year

District 10 Instrumental bylaws


It is now time to begin to complete applications and excel spreadsheets for this year's PMEA District 10 Instrumental Auditions which will be held at Parkland HS on Saturday, December 6, 2014.  Earlier in the year, you were emailed and told to hold off with audition information until the state gave us further direction on a new system that will be implemented for this year.  That system will not be used until we move from District into Regions...so, therefore, we will use the SAME PROCEDURE as we did for the last several years - all directors should have their students complete HARD COPY applications (with appropriate signatures!) and also the EXCEL SPREADSHEET.  Both the application and the spreadsheet are available below.  All items are due to Rick Hilborn (hilbornr@whitehallcoplay.org) NO LATER than NOVEMBER 1, 2014.

DIRECTORS - PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE make a SPECIAL EFFORT to check the following items which always seem to give us some issues in the audition process:
1.  If you have a student who is auditioning on 2 or more instruments, he/she MUST indicate on the hard copy application his/her instrument of choice should he/she be accepted on two or more instruments.  THIS WOULD INCLUDE ORCHESTRAL PERCUSSION if the percussionist is also auditioning for district band.
2.  When completing the first column of the spreadsheet (the "ensemble" column), PLEASE only use a letter B to indicate that the student is auditioning for Band, a letter O for an orchestra audition, and B/O if the student is auditioning for both ensembles.  Directors MUST also DOUBLE CHECK that the contents "ensemble" column on the spreadsheet matches the ensembles listed on the hard copy application.  If they do not match, we will abide by what is indicated on the HARD COPY APPLICATION (since that is the document with signatures).
3.  All directors MUST include a copy of their current PMEA card/membership.  NO EXCEPTIONS!  Failure to do so will result in your students being ineligible for auditions.
Any questions may be directed to Rick Hilborn.  Thank you...and Happy Auditioning!


Auditions will be held at Parkland HS December 6, 2014

Audition List

Audition Information

Ensemble Spreadsheet



Audition Rubric

Mallet Solo Rubric

Snare Solo Rubric

Tympani Solo Rubric

Wind Requirements

Percussion Requirements

String Requirements

Exeter High School
Date - January 7-10, 2015
Snow Audition Date - January 12, 2015
Host Director -
Micki Potlunas
Guest Conductor - Andy Yozviak, West Chester University


Region V Band Information

Auditions will be held at the District Band Festival


East Stroudsburg South High School

Date - February 11-14, 2015
Snow Audition Date - TBA
Host Director - Katye Clogg
Guest Conductor - Lew Buckley


State Band Information



Auditions will be held at the Region Band Festival

PMEA Conference
Hershey, PA
Date - March 25-28, 2015