District Band Information
for the 2017-2018 school year

Auditions will be held at Parkland HS December 2, 2017

DIRECTORS are reminded that as per PMEA District 10 Instrumental Auditions Policy, a school is required to send a participating PMEA member/director for every 20 students that school sends to audition.  This means that a school that sends between 21 and 40 students to audition must send 2 directors to serve for the day; a school that sends between 41 and 60 auditioning students must send 3 directors to serve for the day, etc.

Exceptions to this policy can only be made by the District President.

Audition Information and Percussion Requirements

Audition Application
Must be postmarked by Nov 1, 2017

Ensemble Spreadsheet
Must be emailed by Nov 1, 2017

Solo List for Auditions
Updated August 26, 2017

Wind, Strings, and Mallet Scale Requirements

Audition Rubric

Mallet Solo Rubric

Snare Solo Rubric

All students auditioning on SNARE DRUM MUST perform along roll in the following manner:

1.        Start “open” at a forte level.

2.       Gradually close the roll while maintaining the forte dynamic level.

3.       When the roll is at its maximum in terms of being closed, the student should then decrescendo to a piano level. 

4.       While maintaining the closed roll, crescendo back up to forte.

5.       Gradually open the roll back up as the student began.

Tympani Solo Rubric

Easton Area High School
Date - January 3-5, 2018
Please note that this date is DIFFERENT than what is posted on the state PMEA Sight
Audition Snow Date - January 8, 2018
Host Director - Carol Lutte
Guest Conductor - Peter Boonshaft


Region V Band Information

Auditions will be held at the District Band Festival

MIddletown Area High School
Date - February 22-24, 2018
Host Director - Sam Fisher
Guest Conductor - Dr. Michael Volta, University of Maryland


State Band Information


Auditions will be held at the Region Band Festival

PMEA Conference
Lancaster, PA
Date - April 18-21, 2018