District Band Information
for the 2016-2017 school year

District 10 Instrumental bylaws


Auditions will be held at Parkland HS December 3, 2016

ATTENTION DIRECTORS/STUDENTS:  There are several IMPORTANT things of which you need to be aware regarding the PMEA District 10 December Instrumental Auditions Solo List as follows:

1.  We have begun working on a NEW ROTATION of solos. This is ESPECIALLY true for string players.  It has taken A LOT of time to confirm the availability of these solos.  THANK YOU for being patient to insure December auditions run smoothly.

2.  Be aware - THE ONLY ACCEPTABLE editions of the solos for December auditions WILL BE THE ONES LISTED ON THE REPERTOIRE SHEET itself!  String players, flute players, French Horn players, and Battery percussionists need to
pay careful attention that they are using the CORRECT EDITION of the required solo.
3.  If you are in doubt that you have the proper edition of a solo - LOSERS MUSIC has confirmed that these ARE ALL AVAILABLE.  If you have difficulty securing the proper edition, please contact Losers Music.


Solo list for Auditions
(updated with the correct viola solo and additional information)
(Updated with Eb Soprano Clarinet added)

Audition Information

Audition Application

Ensemble Spreadsheet

Audition Rubric

Mallet Solo Rubric

Snare Solo Rubric

Tympani Solo Rubric

Wind Requirements

Percussion Requirements

String Requirements


Date - February 9-11, 2017
Host Director - TBA
Guest Conductor - TBA


Region V Band Information

Auditions will be held at the District Band Festival

Date - March 23-25, 2017
Host Director - TBA
Guest Conductor - TBA


State Band Information


Auditions will be held at the Region Band Festival

PMEA Conference
Erie, PA
Date - April 19-22, 2017